Major Symptoms Of Depression

I used to suffer from severe depression and live in darkness every day. After four years of struggle, I finally got rid of the troubles of depression and completely got out of the predicament and regained my happiness.

Let me talk about some of the symptoms of depression. If you have symptoms of depression, you must treat it as soon as possible to avoid missing the best treatment time.

1. Depressed patients are not interested in anything.

They are listless all day, looking very tired and very anxious.  Why?  Because the nervous system of people with depression is in a state of severe fatigue for a long time, the body lacks vitality.

2. Depressed patients have been in depression for a long time.They are nervous and anxious every day and have not laughed for a long time.

3. Depression can cause long periods of sadness and hopelessness, feelings of low self-worth even physical pain, also make you feel drained of energy, a symptom that can contribute to your grogginess.

4.Insomnia or other sleeping disorders.For those who suffer from chronic sleep loss they can expect to get dark circles and finelines around the eyes and lackluster skin too. 

5.Communication skills are getting worse and there is no logic in speaking. Simple things can’t be expressed clearly.

6.Depression lowers the human ability to cope with disease, makes you can’t focus on anything ,and makes your memory suffered damage.

7.Patients with depression have poor comprehension and slow reaction.

When you read a book, you will stare at the words and watch them repeatedly.

8.Social phobia can make being with others a nightmare.They have few friends, so they often stay alone.In social situations, there is an uneasiness, clumsiness, or perhaps some sort of minor embarrassment or faux pas on their part. 

9、They always look for excuses to postpone doing something until they have to do it. Low self-control diminishes their effectiveness at work.

10. Patients with severe depression often have suicidal thoughts and feel hopeless in life.

Depressed patients are reluctant to let others know their secret, always trying to cover up and wrap themselves up.

Therefore, many times people don’t know about our situation. This is very unfavorable for the treatment of depression which will make the condition worse and worse. We should try to share our feelings with family or friends, or a professional psychologist, instead of being alone.

It is not a shame to suffer from depression. It is the same as a cold and is a very normal disease.。Depression is not terrible. The terrible thing is that we can’t face it correctly. As long as we have confidence, we will never get frustrated. Open your heart and seek help from family, friends or Psychologist, we can get rid of depression.

Being tortured by depression is very painful. I can understand how you feel, because I’ve had the same experience as you.

Whenever you are in a state of extreme depression, you must be convinced that this emotion is only temporary and will soon disappear. Living is hope and you have it. Never give up, never lose the opportunity to succeed.

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