How To Help Someone With OCD?

I’d like to talk about some personal views on how to help OCD patients.

First of all, we need to know what OCD patients need most.

For OCD patients, the greatest pain is not OCD itself, but that others can’t understand them. For others, OCD patients are only someone who are strict in doing things, and pursue perfect. However, it is not easy to understand the inner world and pain of OCD patients.

I can’t help thinking various ideas. I had difficulty in deciding wearing top or trousers first, remembering whether the door and the gas valve are closed or not, which forced me to go back and forth. I was tired of being tossed by all sorts of messy thoughts, and I had insomnia at night, which made me almost collapsed.

I have tried to tell my family members and friends about how I feel, but they just made short shrift of it, and they were not willing to listen to me. Therefore, I stopped talking about how I feel, since no one can truly understand my inner world.

How to help someone with OCD?

They just want to be heard and understood.

They should get more care and understanding from you.

Sometimes I really wanted to give up and end my life. However, despite of tiring and boring life, I can only choose to go on because of my wife and my child.

I have often checked online about OCD treatment, and I have tried many ways to solve this problem. However, they didn’t work well. I still had not got rid of the OCD, and I still struggled every day.

I have been suffering from OCD for 5 years, during which I struggled hard with pain and distress. I really hope that I can completely relax someday, even if for only one day.

I really want to find someone who has the same experience as me to share the experience of treating OCD, and sincerely exchange our feelings. As long as someone is willing to listen, my inner pressure will be relieved.

How to help someone with OCD?

If you have a friend like me, you should communicate with him more and understand his true feelings and give him more encouragement to face the reality bravely. You can also help him find some information about the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, and give him some advice.

I found this blog by chance, and I saw numerous OCD patients who had similar experiences with me share their stories.

I knew that I am not alone, and there are so many friends who are fighting with OCD like me. I saw that many of my friends have found the right treatment methods and got rid of the OCD, which has strengthened my determination to overcome OCD and find the lost relaxation and happiness.

After writing my experiences and feelings, I feel like I am released and relaxed. Maybe it is because I haven’t expressed how I feel for too long, and it is so happy that I suddenly have someone to share feelings and experiences with.

In the future, I will share my treatment process with you. I hope you can give me some advice to help me get rid of the OCD. I wish all friends with OCD an early recovery!

 Thank you.

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